Friday, November 15, 2013

Popularity of Autumn Shows on 2Channel

Here's a quick tabulation of the current number of posts for each new show on the Japanese message board 2channel

Kill La Kill and Non Non Biyori are the most posted-about shows, with Kyoukai no Kanata and Blue Steel Arpeggio not far behind. (There is a higher than usual number of negative posts in the Kyoukai threads.)

Log Horizon and White Album 2 (an odd couple) are the next group, followed by Nagi no Asukara and Strike the Blood.

At the other end of the scale are Yozakura Quartet, Diamond no Ace, and Gingitsune. The latter two are among my own favorites, lol.

Here is the full list, showing number of thousand-post threads:

Kill la Kill 35
Non Non Biyori 33
Kyoukai no Kanata 29
Blue Steel Arpeggio 24
Log Horizon 18
White Album 2 18
Nagi no Asukara 16
Strike the Blood 16
Tokyo Ravens  13
Walkure Romanze 12
Golden Time 11
Kyousougiga 11
Galilei Donna 10
Yowamushi Pedal 10
Outbreak Company  9
Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku 9
Coppelion 8
Machine Doll 8
Meganebu 8
Nounai Sentakushi 8
Samurai Flamenco 8
Gingitsune 7
Diamond no Ace 6
Yozakura Quartet 5

The numbers represent thousand-post threads. Yozakura, for example, is on its fifth thread, so there have been 4000+ posts about it.

If I've missed a show or two, please let me know. I know the list is missing popular shows such as Valvrave and MonogatariSS, but the threads for those shows continue from previous seasons, so I can't identify threads specifically for the current season.


mangatron said...

Wow, thanks for this. Had always been wondering what they think about their shows, I sure would like to read what they're saying :D