Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Character/Seiyuu Pages for 16 New Shows

To Aru Hikuushi e no Koiuta
(Hanae Natsuki and Yuuki Aoi)
I've made character/seiyuu pages for 16 of the new winter 2014 shows now being broadcast. They give pics of the characters and their seiyuus, with a bit of info about each seiyuu.

The links have been gradually added to the list at the right, but this is a post to bring them all to people's attention:
Unlike most reviewers, I'm enjoying a lot of these shows. Here are a few favorites: To Aru Hikuushi e no Koiuta, Chuunibyou 2, Inari Konkon, Mikakunin, Nisekoi, Nobunaga the Fool, Sakura Trick, Witchcraft Works, World Conquest. Not bad that there are nine shows I actually look forward to each week. And that's not counting the continuing Nagi no Asu kara, Golden Time, Tokyo Ravens, Kingdom (for a month more) and Strike the Blood.

I'm not yet claiming anything here is a masterpiece, but To Aru Hikuushi e no Koiuta is my favorite show, with setting, plot, romance, relationships, and Yuuki Aoi. Chuunibyou 2 looks like a worthy successor to its first series. Nisekoi's Shaftiness is improving the manga. Inari Konkon Koi Iroha is making a situation-comedy plot work. World Conquest is delightfully absurd, with darkness lurking behind the comedy. Mikakunin de Shinkoukei is working for me with touching performances from some unknown seiyuus.


Highway said...

I'm watching about 30 shows, and that's after I don't count ones that I watched and just didn't like. For me, Witch Craft Works is way far out in front of everything else. Exciting, funny, and cute. I'm also really enjoying Sakura Trick, Nobunagun, ImoCho, D-Frag, Chu2koi, and World Conquest. Most of the rest are nice enough.

There have been a couple that I just didn't care for. The first episode of To aru Hikuushi e no Koiuta just left me cold, it seemed so formulaic and by the numbers, and I cannot get over the character being called "Kal-el". I hear other people saying they like it, and I always have the chance to watch it later, but at the moment I'm not watching it. Nobunaga the Fool lost me with 2 episodes of zaaafuul and just willy-nilly throwing historical names at us, and Hamatora is just a show that doesn't appeal to me at all (superpowers and detectives are not my style).

Just about everything else is very enjoyable, tho. I'm surprised at the lengths that ImoCho goes to, and like Mikakunin, although I think it needs to dial back Mashiro by about 50%.

Jeremias von Sand said...

This season makes one really think about the passage of time, for two reasons- D-Frag and ImoCho- first, Koshimizu Ami's role in D-Frag, first role of hers I hear in some time (Kill la Kill being one of those anime about which I do realise it's good, I just can't stand watching it), makes me think the times of Tsukamoto Tenma from School Rumble are over, it seems Horo/Holo really changed the way her career was going. In ImoCho- Itou Miki's role, to be honest, the only reason I started watching that (and I'm honestly surprised about what's going on there, hm, here's another point- we wouldn't dream about such an anime being aired at all just a few years back), anyway, Itou-san sounds there like a proper granny, not like I wasn't aware of her age, but still, to go from a proud ojou-sama to hystery-baba is a bit of a sad thing. Not saying her role there is of the hystery-baba type, but I can already 'hear' her using 'zamasu' gobi.

Other think I find worth commenting upon- Hanazawa Kana's role in Nou-rin, it is cute, but I feel defeated as a philologist specialising in regional dialects, much like with her role in Haganai, can't really say anything apart from 'western Japanese', at moments feels like Oosaka, at moments like Fukuoka, sometimes like Hiroshima, that's probably because of the Tokyo-centricism though, as people there seem to differenciate between western dialects only because of some key-words which in reality appear all through the West, and not more propper in this context accent and grammar, with the possible exception of Kyoto-Oosaka,first being slow and laid-back, the latter fast and snappy. Anyway, I think Nou-rin is taking place in Kyuushuu, so you'd think Tamura Yukari would straighten Kana-tan up; on the other hand in Ore no Imouto wa Oosaka okan or in Lovely Complex you'd also think similary, yet it didn't happen, which probably means that's uncalled for, which, to me at least, seems depressing.

Yet, I can't really be depressed, because, well, Kana-tan is still cute, and with grown-up voiced Yukarin next to her the only thing this anime lacks to be perfect is Ao-chan www

Wong Max said...

For the art of Noragami, I think it is very well animated and everything from the backgrounds (when the phantoms attack the vibe of hopelessness is there), to the piercing blue eyes of Yato (when he delivers a profound line) is beautifully done, and fluid. The manga is also decently drawn, especially the hair and eyes...yea...okay I have a bit of a fascination with the eyes.

When it comes to sound, the OP and ED of this anime is really, spot on. The OP is sung by Hello Sleepwalkers, the rock genre really works and the lyrics pretty representative of Yato. The ED is sung by Tia and it's melody and initial pure vocals of the singer is in stark contrast with the OP, but all in all it is a nice song.

Casting for this anime was also good, none of the voices were out of place. Kamiya Hiroshi voiced Yato, he also did Kuroko no Basket's Akashi and Natsume from Natsume Yuujinchou *insert fangirling* and come on, Yuki Kaji who voiced Yukine also does a good job with delivering the angsty lines of young boys...he also did Eren from Shingeki...if you know what I mean...

Overall, Noragami is skilfully crafted with a delicate balance of seriousness, action and comedy and really paints a picture about human emotions. Under that perfect veneer that most people tend to wear, just what is going on under there? Self-doubt, depression and jealously it's all there in this anime if you'd just look hard enough, just like with most people hiding negative emotions, it's subtle but it's there.

This quote sums it up, "Even if things are painful and tough. People should appreciate what it means to be alive at all." -Yato