Monday, February 03, 2014

Kido Ibuki Starts a Blog

Sixteen-year-old rising seiyuu star Kido Ibuki has started a blog.

Since she started the blog at the beginning of January, she is posting about every two days, so the posts are building up fast. (click images to enlarge)

This season, we are seeing Kido-san in four shows: the continuing Golden Time (Oka), and new shows pupa (Yume), Oneechan ga Kita (Mina) and Nobunaga the Fool (Nell).

Kido-san is from Aomori, in the north of Japan. She says in her blog that she is staying at a dorm in Tokyo, going to school as she gets more and more work.

Yesterday's post was about going out for lunch with Shimoda Asami ("Asami-oneechan") at a nice restaurant. She enjoyed the avocado, which she had first tasted in salads at her dorm.

Asami-san, 28, who was one of her co-stars in OniAi, gave her some Jill Stuart cosmetics. Kido-san said were so nice it would be a waste to actually use them:

They then went to see the Idolm@ster movie they both have roles in. Kido-san says she couldn't stop crying. Finally, Kido-san went to a recording session where she recorded a "funny" song she hopes people will enjoy.

Kido-san seems to be throwing herself into the seiyuu business with abandon. She appers to be a capable, cheerful, and confident person, especially for someone 16 years old and living away from home for what is probably the first time.

A recent post was about dance training. I'm not sure the training shows in this little video for which she was asked to exercise on-camera for one minute:

In an early post, she said how happy she was to see goods being produced based on her character in the Idolm@ster movie, Yabuki Kana:

She says she's like Kana in that her singing and dancing is sometimes not so good. But she loves to do both.

And she introduced us to her family's 11-year-old female beagle, Belle, who is still at home in Aomori:

In addition to Belle, at home she has parents and an elder brother.

Kido-san says she is not great at studying, and asks people to tell her more effective study methods. Because of her work, there are many days she can't get to school at all.

Flu is going around her school and she has been a bit sick herself. She washes her hands a lot but says the main thing for not getting sick is to get enough rest. Here she is with another young seiyuu, 17-year-old Itou Miku, who is also in the Idolm@ster movie:

In a new post today she has a couple of photos from a Nicovideo live show that just ended a few hours ago, called "Nell and Bianchi's Nico Live The Fool." She and Ishida Haruka play Nell and Bianchi in Nobunaga the Fool. Ishida-san, age 20, is a member of AKB48 and played Kanata in AKB0048.

Commenting on the show, Kido-san says they could gobble sweets and relax, and they were wearing pajamas. The merging of the idol world and the anime world continues.


baozhu said...

I'm going to be honest here, I only started to take notice of her because of her cute appearance... which is a terrible reason lol. But then again, I've only watched one show she's been involved with and that was OniAi which I dropped fairly quickly. From what I remember, her voice acting was pretty solid for a newcomer. Quite energetic I might add and pleasant overall.

I find the post concerning the lunch date with Shimoda Asami most enjoyable, senpais doting on the younger seiyuu give me a warm feeling. I remember I read a post on tumblr(?) recently about Asami wanting a daughter like Ibuki... cuteness overload.

Hearing how she's struggling with juggling between her school and seiyuu work isn't surprising, seiyuu work hours are quite sporadic so I hope she doesn't neglect her studies because that should be her main priority atm, even though I'd love to see her in more roles.

Anyway, great post. I like hearing about the up and comers.

Anonymous said...

She's actually...super cute!

Her dominating debut in OniAi (bad show, bad character, great voice) already put her on my radar, but who knew she was so young...and so adorable!

Hopefully she will get a less gimmicky major role and we can see if there's more to her than infectious enthusiasm and a strong, clear voice.

Great to see another up and coming seiyuu post by you hashi, always shining the spotlight on new talent. Never really noticed Touyama until your feature, but now I really enjoy her nasal riajuu tsundere in Yahari and Nisekoi, it's actually surprisingly nuanced!

hashi said...

@baozhu -- I just noticed today that Snow Halation has a complete translation of both this post by Kido-san and a previous post about the same lunch by Shimoda-san.

I was first struck by Kido-san when I heard her amazingly strong and supple voice in OniAi -- which I agree was not the greatest show. You can hear her now in Golden Time, pupa, Nobunaga the Fool and Oneechan ga Kita.

In Golden Time, her voice at first seemed too young for the character, even realizing that that was intentional. But I feel that she has grown into the role. In episode 14 of Golden Time, she and Horie Yui have a long scene in which you can hear them playing off each other. Really a thrill to hear the 36-year-old superstar and the 16-year-old rising star both shining at the same game.

@anonymous -- Good comments. Especially in that scene with Hocchan, I imagine I can hear her skill and ease growing. She now has a regular radio show with Yamazaki Erii. I guess I have some fear that she can drain away her focus on these other aspects of her job. Hopefully they help give her more and more practice using her voice in different ways.

Anonymous said...

So, she's a real life imouto!?
lol Ok
I like her voice actually and the way she handles loli and imouto characters are also exceptionally good. I kinda pity her considering her studies put a little stress on her teen career. Anyway, I hope she keeps up the good job and more power to her.