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Minase Inori -- A Tiny, Perfect Voice Arrives

Minase Inori 水瀬いのり had her first seiyuu role when she was still in middle school. But she graduated from high school this March, and her career has now shifted into high gear: she already has ten roles in 2014.

Her roles this summer are as Eddelrittuo in Aldnoah.Zero and as Mirai in Locodol.

I first noticed her last year, as the shy sidekick Suzu in Love Lab. Then in this past season's Is the Order a Rabbit? she really made an impression with the vividly quiet and contained character of Chino.

Inorin has a flexible, sinewy voice (link to voice samples) that ranges from soft and tiny through elegant to boyish. And she has a feel for acting. She has already had a minor role in a TV drama.

The sheer cuteness of her voice has helped bring her to her current rising popularity. And in her personal appearances on radio and the Web, she is cute, capable and funny. To say nothing of fast-talking. At the age of 18 (born 1995.12.02), she already has her own radio show, focused on anime and game music.

She loved Sailor Moon when she was little. She was still in kindergarten when she learned from her mother that there were actually people whose job it was to provide the voices in anime. And she decided to become a seiyuu.

She also loved detective Conan, and in particular the female protagonist Mouri Ran. She was even inspired by Ran to start learning karate. She says she's the kind of person who doesn't hesitate to take action.

She was a fan of Prince of Tennis, and spent one year of middle school in both the Theatre and Tennis clubs. But after long practice, she found she just wasn't strong enough for tennis, and concentrated on acting.

She says that, like Suzu in Love Lab, she couldn't talk to guys in middle school...until one of them threw a pencil case and hit her in the head. She had something to say then, and from then on could talk to boys. One interviewer said that even today, she is rather shy at first, but then relaxes to become quite talkative.

She says she loves anime, games, NicoNico, and surfing the internet. She grew up in Tokyo and went to anime stores regularly. One of her skills is singing anime song duets with herself at karaoke. Another is Tetris.

She had a yearly pass to Tokyo Disneyland and went there a hundred times a year, she claims. She says her ideal guy is...Mickey Mouse.

The three images above are from a Love Lab show. Here is a bit of the NicoNico video. She's riffing on something her character Suzu says:


She thinks her role in the TV drama Ama-chan last year was especially good for her because she discovered that even the younger actors were better than she was, and she dedicated herself to improving her acting.

Besides anime, she is also getting roles in games, appearing in five games this year already. (None are ero-games.)

Here is a sample of her anime work, as Chino in Is the Order a Rabbit?

She got her original role in Occult Academy as the prize for winning a Sony audition, when she was 15. She saw an ad for the audition in a magazine and decided to give it a try.

She has sung on ten music CDs, beginning with songs for Occult Academy. She says she wants to both be a seiyuu and to sing, and admires Mizuki Nana. Her ambition is to perform in a big hall like the Tokyo Dome. Here is the only clear sample of her singing I could find to post here, her first song, as a 15-year-old, for Occult Academy, "White Love":

Here's Inorin being embarrassed when people praise her, I think for her drama role. They say it was enjoyable and she was cute, and her reaction is even cuter:

Her roles this coming season are as Eddelrittuo in Aldnoah.Zero (left) and as Mirai in Locodol (right). Neither is a starring role, but Mirai comes close:

Here are three previous roles, as Suzu in Love Lab (left), as Gre-chan in Robot Girls Z (centre), and as Chino in Is the Order a Rabbit? (right):

Anime Roles

Occult Academy (Okamoto Akari, eps 9-10)

Uta no Prince-sama - Maji Love 1000% (students, ep 1 and ep 3)

Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! (kindergarten child, ep 12)
Nukko (Sumire)
Symphogear (researcher, student, girl)

Love Lab (Suzu) 
Super Seisyun Brothers (Kohara Shiyo)
Uta no Prince-sama - Maji Love 2000% (child, girl, young Cecile)

Robot Girls Z (Gre-chan)
Nobunaga The Fool (Chibihane, Toku)
Black Bullet (Mibu)
Is the order a rabbit? (Chino) 
Sugar Soldier (Kisaragi Makoto) 
Escha and Logy (girl)
Suisei no Gargantia OVA -- Meguru Kouro, Haruka (Rima)
Futsuu no Joshikousei ga Locodol Yattemita (Mirai) 
Aldnoah.Zero (Eddelrittuo)
Sora no Method (Noel) 


Occult Academy DVD 1-3 special CD, song "Love Machine"

Occult Academy DVD 5 special CD, song "White Love" (solo)   

Shimajiro to Fufu no Dai Bouken -- Sukue, Nanairo no Hana, song "Erai Koccha" (solo)
Ama-chan Uta no Album, song "Koyomi no Ue de wa December"

Love Lab v1 special CD, song "Love ga Shitai" (solo and group)
Love Lab v2 special CD, song "Best FriendS" (solo and group)

Robot Girls Z, songs "Robot Girls Z" and "Team Z no Chikara" 
Daydream Cafe (Is the Order a Rabbit?), songs "Daydream Cafe" and "Nichijou Decoration"
Poppin Jump (Is the Order a Rabbit?)
, song "Poppin Jump"
Is the Order a rabbit? character songs 1, song "Zenten Kougata Irassaimase", with Sakura Ayane and solo
Is the Order a Rabbit v.2 special CD, songs "A Cup of Happiness" and "Daydream Cafe" (Is the Order Chino? version) (solo)


Tokiton Anisong Daijiten (four shows in 2010)
Love Lab Radio (episode 4 guest)
Roboga radio (2013.12 - 2014.05)

Gochuumon wa Rajio Desu ka? (2014.4 - current)
Minase Inori's Game Music Research Institute (2014.04 - current)
Aldnoah Radio (2014.06.28 - current)

Internet TV
Love Lab special NicoNico broadcast (episodes in June, August and September 2013)

TV drama

Ama-chan (character: Narita Rina)

TV show
NHK 64th Red and White singing contest (Ama-chan special, New Year's Eve 2013)

Anime News Network
images one two

agency page
radio show  one two



Mazryonh said...
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Anonymous said...

Really only familiar with her brief role in Occult Academy, which was years ago. I'm not currently watching any shows that she's in this season (maybe Aldonoah Zero in the future), but it will be interesting to see what new roles she is able to grasp for next season given how much work she has for this season.

Anonymous said...

Inorin just appeared in AnimePia (with Eddelrittuo's hairstyle).

At 52 min, she demonstrated her karate.

She also participated in the surprise birthday celebration for the show co-host, Amamiya Sora around 1 h 25 m into the show.